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About Me

Hi! My name is Tom-Eric Gerritsen. I am co-founder and lead-developer at Eet.nu. I love programming and all other aspects of development.

You can follow me on my Mastodon account, and email me at ik@tom-eric.info.

Current Projects

Virtual Table

Playing tabletop roleplaying games has become my favourite hobby in the past few years. Unfortunately, current virtual tabletop software is often complex to use and lack the features I want. I am currently working on my own webbased virtual tabletop software with features like dynamic lighting and 3d dice.


Gerard Leijdekkers and I relaunched the restaurant guide Eet.nu in 2009 and turned it from a side project into a profitable business. It's now the largest restaurant guide in The Netherlands and we have a growing team of passionate people with which we are working on great stuff.

Because we are a technology driven company we thrive to do all of our development in-house. I primarily work on our backend, but together with our designers I've also worked on a new responsive design, done a lot of work to localise our website and contributed code to our iOS app.

We love open source and try to contribute back to the community whenever we can. Some of the open source projects I've worked on are: acts-as-taggable-on, globalize3, kss, buckaroo-ideal, cheers, transliterator and normalize.

If you are interested in working with us, please send me an email.

Past Projects

Sound Campaign

Sound Campaign was a project I worked on with Gordon Hatusupy and Sebastiaan Beek. It was an online promotion service for music professionals and labels with the goal of improving the relationships between them. We did this by making it easy for labels to send attractive promo's that music professionals would be happy to receive and give feedback on.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find enough time to really get this project off the ground and have now open sourced the code and moved on to other things.


In 2007 I became a partner of i76, a small web development consultancy shop. Together with my partners we worked on several Ruby on Rails and PHP projects for our clients while we tried to earn enough money to justify working on side projects full-time.

Before that I worked for BKGateway, a small IT company that specialised in facilitating communication between industrial systems.